Dear Mallory
Letters To a Teenage Girl Who
Killed Herself  


Quotes From Dear Mallory
"Mallory, you were the sweetest, kindest person I have ever known."

-Tsedale Abebe


"Every person you ever came in contact with remembers you.  You were just that extraordinary of a person."

–Shelby Berg

"It makes me very sad to think that someone who has meant so much to so many people could have felt so alone."

–Suzanne Wood

"Your death made me realize how important it is to be honest about your feelings with yourself, and with those around you, because no matter what, the people in your life love you."

–Alex Gryder

Dear Mally;

In the flurry of paperwork that arrives from the Coroner's office, you are a "decedent." But you are
my daughter, my loved one. A loved one who bought herself, incidentally, a navy blue vinyl lunchbox for school approximately six weeks before she died.

Forty days after your death, there is, even now, an almost constant feeling in my chest, akin to the sensation of a motor running.

The biggest, deadliest lie you told, was that you were okay.

-Lisa Richards
Letter to Mallory
February 13, 2011

"I cannot even describe what a great friend you were to me.  You always listened, and wanted to help others.  I really miss you, Mallory, and your presence will be with me forever."

–Alyssa Dahlstedt

Every time someone dies by suicide, we are all diminished.  It is as if a mirror has been held up, to reflect our failures.  Our love.  The suicide's incomprehensible pain, which finally surpasses his or her resources to overcome it.  And the sometimes imperceptible but colossal ways we are connected to one another. 

Join friends and loved ones of Mallory Richards on their healing journey through grief, heartache and gratitude for a precious life cut all too short.  So that life can be affirmed for everyone.

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